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At INVADE we are launching the ‘Do More’ campaign.

Our mission is simply to do more, ranging from our customers to society.

For our customers, we can now integrate with QPSMR CATI.

From a society standpoint, at the turn of the year we will be working to make a difference by raising money for selected charities.

It would be easy for us to sit back and just be reactive, but instead, we want to be proactive, helping where we can, be it for our customers or for the people who have been down on their luck in recent times.

However, our campaign is more than just our brand or our business. It runs deeper than that. ‘Do More’ can apply to anything, especially from an individual’s standpoint, we are challenging our own employees to do more, not just for our business but for themselves and become better, because no matter what our situation is, and although we can all find it hard sometimes, we can all Do More.