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INVADE is excited to announce its latest integration with QPSMR. This partnership combines QPSMR’s fast and fully controlled CATI with the leading INVADE Predictive Dialler, enabling all INVADE customers to utilise the QPSMR CATI.

CATI is Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing and aids agents with a software application providing a script for them to follow.

The QPSMR CATI is simple to use and can accommodate any number of interviewing stations, united with the INVADE Predictive Dialler which makes sure your CATI operations are effective and efficient as possible.

“We are excited about this integration which opens up a number of new opportunities and continues the journey INVADE are on with its partners to enhance the solutions we can offer”, said Mark Baker, General Manager at INVADE.

This latest integration adds to the number of CATI servers INVADE can now connect to, including NIPO, Quancept, Forsta (ConfirmIT) and UNICOM amongst many others.

QPSMR provides quality software across many countries around the world in the market research and analysis field. The QPSMR Software is used in a multitude of industries including, questionnaire designing, data collection, importing and exporting, analysis and many more.

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INVADE is a Predictive Dialling Company that excel in the Market Research Industry. INVADE provide tailored and innovative communication solutions, building diallers specifically to match the needs of their customers.

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