INVADE, a provider of innovative communication solutions, offers an enhanced solution that is designed to enable enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively deploy INVADE’s fully managed and flexible Dialer-as-a-Service (DaaS) software.

Predictive dialer software is a popular solution for outbound contact centers. The use of this serviceboosts the interviewers’ efficiency by increasing the call connect rate, while also enhancing consumer engagement. INVADE has a wealth of expertise in developing and implementing market research software, and because of the modular nature of their solution, they can produce the best-in-class predictive dialer to match a large range of requirements.

Currently covering over 50 countries, INVADE, in partnership with its commercial associate Emertec, assists market research operations ranging in size from 5 to 1000 interviewers. Emertec and INVADE have worked together for over a decade to develop cost-effective and best-in-class dialer solutions. Through the development of dialer products, their skills and experience have been fine-tuned to satisfy all requirements demanded by the market research industry.

The two partners offer rapid deployment of INVADEs’ fully managed and configurable DaaS software, as well as a variety of productivity modules for outbound or hybrid contact centers. In addition, cost-effective SIP provisioning and a variety of hardware and telephony interfaces are offered, and a full API is available for integration with third-party products.

Benefits of using a predictive dialer by INVADE:

  • Dialer customized specifically for each business
  • 24/7 support team
  • Fully integratable with multiple CATI systems
  • Predictive dialer with machine learning AI
  • SIP connectivity
  • Increased call connection rate
  • Increased interviewer’s efficiency
  • On-site or remote training