You may have seen the term CATI thrown around in technology circles and been confused or not understood what it means or stands for. Well, INVADE is here to help and explain to you what CATI is and how it could potentially improve your business.

Naturally enough, CATI stands for Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing. Still, confused? Don’t worry; we shall delve deeper.

Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing, or CATI, is a telephone surveying technique where the interviewer follows a script provided by a software application, responses are then recorded and entered by the interviewer.

Furthermore, the CATI will be provided with multiple phone numbers. Then, when the interviewer is making calls, depending on the style of the dialling the company has, it will give the number to dial.
CATI’s can be functioned with various types of dialling such as manual, preview and predictive dialling, as well as many others. If it is preview dialling, the number will be displayed to the interviewer, and they will select to dial the number. However, if it is predictive dialling, then the number is dialled without the interviewer’s knowledge, and they will be connected to that call once they are available.

So now you know what a CATI is. But how can it help your business?

At INVADE, we work with multiple Market Research companies such as Kantar, Ipsos and BMG Research, to name a few, whom all use various CATI’s when interviewing people. It allows their interviewers to concentrate on the interview, therefore improving the quality.

Furthermore, it makes the research process quick and efficient as you enter the data when it’s gathered. Due to the ability to enter information immediately, increasing efficiency, it eradicates the need to transfer from paper to a digital format, for example. This reduces the possibility of input errors, improving accuracy.

We integrate with all the market leading CATI’s so our predictive diallers can dial thousands of numbers to speed up the process making our customer’s companies more efficient. As a Predictive Dialler company in the Market Research field, CATI’s are integral to our business, so much so that we even have our own.

CATI’s are used in multiple fields, including Market Research and B2B services.

Do you think your business could benefit from CATI and Predictive Dialling? If so contact us today for more information and a quote.