INVADE, a provider of an industry-leading predictive dialer solution for the market research industry, has teamed up with DIDWW, a global telecoms operator that offers premium quality VoIP communications and SIP trunking services. INVADE’s innovative dialer system will be supported by DIDWW, thereby enabling its customers to efficiently and cost-effectively conduct large-scale outbound phone surveys.

As a popular solution for outbound call centers, predictive dialer software increases the productivity of interviewers by raising the call connect rate while also boosting customer engagement. INVADE has extensive experience in working with market research software and, due to their product’s modular design, they are able to create the best-in-class predictive dialer that meets unique business needs.

DIDWW and INVADE’s partnership will ensure that global market research clients can benefit from secure, uninterrupted service, premium call quality and the ability to access local routes with guaranteed CLI. DIDWW powerful SIP trunking solution, delivered over a private, global IP network, offers virtually unlimited call capacity and flexible SIP trunk settings. This service delivers premium audio quality coupled with sophisticated VoIP trunk configuration options and the highest service reliability.

Linda Elisha, CEO of INVADE’s Commercial Partner Emertec, noted, “INVADE’s relationship with DIDWW has effectively removed two of the pinch points we encountered with rapid worldwide deployment. Now we can provision SIP trunks in nearly any country, same day – dramatically cutting deployment times, and DIDWW has worked hard to understand our business and technical needs, so its support is truly competent – which is a massive benefit to us and our clients.”

Mark Baker, CEO of INVADE International, added, “DIDWW has helped to facilitate our migration to the INVADE ‘Dialler as a Service’ model by making it simple and cost effective for us to manage all of our client’s SIP requirements in-house. They share our vision and we value their partnership.”

Laura Pakamaniene, Business Development Manager at DIDWW, said, “We are proud to have a partnership with INVADE and to be able to meet their unique business requirements. Our goal is not just to provide a top-notch SIP trunking solution, but to create long term partnerships and to generate value for our customers.”