Would A Predictive Dialler Benefit Us?

The graphs shown here illustrate the dramatic improvements in performance that can be achieved using the INVADE Auto dialler. In fact, the more that Interviewer’s telephony activity is automated, the greater their productivity.

With predictive dialing we can see two factors of improvement. Even at just 10 interviewers predictive projects are more than 3 times more productive than preview/auto dialling and more than 4 times more productive than manual dialling.

Moreover, as the number of interviewers increases those productivity gains increase. At 40 agents predictive dialling if more than 5 times more productive than manual dialling.

But can I afford the cost and the disruption to existing systems to install a dialler?

Seamless and affordable support of both legacy infrastructure (analogue phones and T1/E1 trunks) and VoIP protocols is a key feature of the Asterisk-based hardware on which we run our auto dialler). This means that the INVADE auto dialler can fit into any infrastructure with the least change or displacement of existing infrastructure. INVADE has also selected preferred hardware Vendors and cloud providers that deliver the best price/performance and reliability that our customers require. The INVADE Auto Dialler solution provides a total hardware/software/support package that is very hard for other providers to beat and a level of robustness that allows us to commit to tough SLA’s.

Ask us for an illustration of the costs.

So what would you do with this much ‘spare’ capacity?

  • Reduce overheads but do the same amount of CATI business?
  • Use the spare capacity to sell more CATI business to your clients – without increasing your overheads?
  • A balanced combination of both to save costs and increase turnover and profits