What About Technical Support?

Customer Service Desk and Best Practice Processes

InVADE’s reputation and success has been won on the quality of our solution and the responsiveness and technical abilities of the Customer Service Desk. This is down to a combination of software telephony expertise and a deep understanding of Market Research operations. The Customer Service Desk and Development work closely together on best practice, quality assurance and diagnostics to aid problem identification and resolution, so much so that we are confident to stand behind the SLA’s we provide.

Best Practice Processes

Today’s Information Technology (IT) environment encompasses a large range of processes, which deliver services and products to the customer. To ensure the effective delivery of these services and products, an integrated service framework is required. One such framework with well-defined supporting processes is Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) (www.itil.co.uk). ITIL is a series of best practice guidelines in IT management. It was developed in the late 80’s when IT professionals gathered to develop a comprehensive life cycle for all areas of IT Service Management. This resulted in a common set of terminology for the IT team to put services into business terms and align them with key objectives.


Incident Management

“To restore normal service operation as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the customer, thus ensuring that the best achievable levels of availability and service be maintained.”

The benefits to the organization and customer of following an ITIL based incident management process are:


Problem Management

“To minimize the adverse effect to the customer of incidents and problems caused by errors in the infrastructure, and to proactively prevent the occurrence of incidents, problems, and errors.”

The benefits of taking a formal approach to Problem Management include the following:


Change Management

“To ensure that standardized methods and procedures be used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, in order to minimize the impact of any related incidents upon service.”

Specific benefits of an effective Change Management system include:


How we deliver our customer experience.

All communications between InVADE and clients are tracked, logged, and reviewed. We constantly monitor all our operations cumulatively, leading to a review of our service with our customers on a minimum of every quarter and further more when necessary with the Technical Account Manager.

At InVADE, we achieve the best customer experience possible using our key tool Vision (http://www.visionproject.se). Vision is developed and owned by Visionera AB, an innovative software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Visionera AB was founded in 2001 and the development of Vision started in 2003.


SLA Priority and Escalation

Invade support offers the following Service Level Agreements and escalations based upon the issue priority set by the customer in the Vision support portal. All times are “working hours” where the InVADE Normal Support Hours are Monday to Friday 0900 – 1700 Local to customer site time.

InVADE uses the following classifications and where working hours are indicated; these will be within the parameters set within the contracted SLA except where issues are classified as Level 1, in which case work will continue outside of normal working hours irrespective of the contracted SLA: