Use home workers with the dialler

The dialler has inherent support for home workers and no additional configuration is necessary to implement. There are two methods of supporting home workers, the traditional method which is by making a call to the interviewers home phone called the “Two line approach” (see Home B in the diagram above) and where the network conditions and infrastructure is sufficient by Voice over IP or VoIP (see Home A in the diagram above).

The “Two line approach” requires one PRI channel or “line” to connect the interviewers voice path to the dialler and one channel for the respondents voice path, hence “two line approach”. The interviewers are dialled by the dialler so the interviewer will not face any call charges. To support predictive dialling additional channels will be required, so for each home worker it is usually recommended to supply 2.5 channels (1 for the interviewer voice path and 1.5 for dialling respondents).

Implementing VoIP is much more involved as there are a number of variables to consider including; network bandwidth and the home workers environment. INVADE can provide additional advice on what to consider and ways to overcome the problems.

There is no loss of features by implementing home working interviewers, for example, Supervisors can still audio monitor the conversations and calls can be recorded.