Use a remote site

It is possible to setup a remote site where there is no local telephony presence to a provider. In this scenario interviewers are generally configured with VoIP (Voice over IP) extensions either Softphones running on their PC’s or VoIP Phones. This is a particular advantage if the remote site crosses international boundaries and are interviewing respondents located in the same country/region as the dialler, this is called “Toll bypass”and can significantly reduce call costs as no international calls need to be made.

To support a remote site it is important that the WAN connection is reliable and has sufficient bandwidth to ensure that call quality is not compromised. INVADE can provide advice on what the specification of bandwidth and network conditions should be.

INVADE will also run comprehensive simulation tests across the WAN link(s) as part of an implementation of the dialler solution to ensure that the call quality passes the quality control checks. As part of the simulation tests, all codecs can be tested (including G729) with any specified number of simultaneous calls at regular scheduled intervals as well as mimicking normal background data to determine the effect on the call quality. The simulation tests usually runs for at least a week to determine if there is any pattern of disruptions such as a regular backup maintenance schedule which can affect call quality.