Use a centralised CATI server

It has become very common for customers to use a single CATI system in a centralised location. This provides the customer with many benefits such as:

  • Having a single source of information to report on.
  • Reduce support effort and costs on maintaining multiple systems.

With the improvements of network connections it has made it possible to implement diallers in remote call centres from the centralised CATI system even across international boundaries. The diallers at each remote location are individually specified to ensure that any existing investment (where possible) can be leveraged, local compliance dialling parameters met and call coding accuracy assessed and refined to maximise efficiency.

As the voice paths are located locally the amount of data transmitted from the diallers to the CATI server is minimal (25KBps per 100 interviewers under normal conditions and 100KBps under exceptional circumstances). We recommend that the roundtrip of communication is no more than 1 second, any more and there could be noticeable delays in actions between the interviewer on the client and the diallers telephony control.

Communication between the remote call centres and the centralised CATI server should be secured, most commonly with the use of site-to-site VPN tunnels.