Technical Overview

Selective Auto Dialler Call Modes
These can be set to Preview, Progressive, or Predictive and allow the client to see how much productivity they gain from using the predictive mode.

Call Recording Functionality
The client can choose to have all calls recorded automatically, or manually select call recording. Either way calls are stored in a database for easy retrieval and are indexed along with information provided by the CATI system such as campaign name, interviewer name, date time and location etc. Where call recording demands are high it can reside on a dedicated server.

VoIP and Analogue Capabilities
We use telephony interfaces that allow clients to use their existing infrastructure/handsets etc., or move to SIP trunks and VoIP to the desktop, or a hybrid. All major CODECS are supported and we can recommend SIP phones or softphones that are certified for use with our systems. Many things can affect audio quality on VoIP, INVADE has invested in sophisticated VoIP analysis software to make sure that a network is truly VoIP ready, we aim for the best possible audio results whatever your infrastructure, and will advise on optimal carrier settings etc.

Support for Remote or Home Workers
There are several ways to support home workers and INVADE consultants can discuss your options. INVADEā€™s software seamlessly integrates the homeworker with centralized workers and provides the Supervisor with full visibility of activities through the standard Dialler Console.

Centralised/Decentralised Diallers
Our architecture can support the use of a auto dialler hub with many local sites, this works across countries and continents.

Ancillary Functions
IVR capability, List Cleaner, Least Cost/Time of Day routing, Configurable Compliance Settings for Abandon Call Rate, Abandon Recorded Message, CLI, No Answer Time/Out, System-wide defaults to comply with local compliance legislation, Answering Machine Detection On/Off, Color Tone Recognition for mobile carriers.

Remove Hardware/Software Monitoring and Intervention
INVADE engineers remotely monitor client sites to ensure good running and can intervene in a timely manner to prevent malfunction.