Supported Platforms

The INVADE dialler is a software solution that is licensed on a per seat basis. It runs on low cost Open Source systems running Linux and Asterisk which have been optimized for the INVADE Solution performance.

The dialler is modular in design and the dialler engine can be abstracted from the telephony servers resulting in an architecture that is supremely scalable.

A dialler can exist in one compact appliance supporting 30 or fewer interviewers, or encompass multiple hardware servers acting as dialler engines, telephony servers and call recording servers. Regardless of the architecture, interviewers and supervisors maintain a completely coherent view through their standard interfaces.

The INVADE auto dialler acts as a slave to the CATI system which is responsible for among other things, call list management. INVADE supports all the main CATI systems (NIPO, Nfield, Quancept, SPSS, ConfirmIT, IBM, UNICOM, Blaise, to name a few…) and our open API’s means we can easily support others.

With our INVADE Solution tools we can also act as the call list management and/or as basic CATI on INVADE Solution 6.0 onwards