The INVADE Auto Dialler

Somewhere in the world there is always an INVADE auto dialler in operation, making the CATI environment as productive as possible – and saving Market Research companies interviewer time and money.

INVADE is based in Bristol UK, with local representation in the US, Hong Kong, China and Australia. It’s diallers are used by 1,000’s of CATI users across all continents. INVADE is dedicated to producing predictive auto diallers that perform supremely well in the specialized CATI environment, and continues to be the preferred supplier to many industry megaliths.

Installations range in size from 7 users to 1,000s and most popular CATI systems are supported.

INVADE Auto Dialler Key Features

Optimal performance in the CATI environment
Maximises interviewer productivity

Scalabale from less than 7 interviewers up to 1,000s
Can easily grow with your organisation’s demands

Software solution runs on low cost Linux/Asterisk hardware or in the Cloud
Low cost of entry, supports VoIP and analogue low TCO

Sophisticated and intuitive browser-based management and reporting tools
Transparency and control for better results

Efficient procedures for requirements capture, installation, training, and support
0% failure rate and rapid ROI

Ask about demonstrations, webinars, performance stats, and pilots: +44 (0)33 3344 0784

Predictive Dialling

Essentially a predictive dialling system is one that uses statistical algorithms to minimize the time between calls for an interviewer. It presents an interviewer with a new live call when they terminate the last one. This is achieved by an algorithm calculating the optimal ‘overdial’ for the call list – many factors feed into this, not least the legally acceptable use parameters that are set by each country’s own regulatory authority – any good dialler can be set to ensure compliance with these, and still deliver productivity benefits.

Predictive Dialing can increase productive interviewer time by >500% compared to manual dialling and even progressive dialing can yield 250% gain depending on list quality.

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