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Compatible with Aviaro

At INVADE we are dedicated to providing a supreme quality dialler and service.

Our market leading dialler is used by thousands of CATI users across the globe as we can adapt our dialler to ensure it is compliant with any countries legal parameters set by their regulatory authority. Thus meaning we can cater to any business, anywhere in the world.

We use our expert knowledge to provide optimal performance benefits for your business.

Our white paper explains more about the Invade predictive model and should give a flavour of what sets our dialler technology apart from the rest.

The benefits of predictive dialling

Our dialler can increase interviewer time by more than 500% when compared to manual dialling. Even progressive dialling can yield up to a 250% boost! Our dialer is there to improve the efficiency, productivity and therefore quality of your company.

Real-time metrics

Furthermore, our web console provides businesses with full real-time and historical data for outbound or inbound contact centres.

Additionally, the console can be used for call monitoring and provides in-depth reports that can aid training.

Our console can help your business analyse statistics to see where you can achieve an advantage on your competition.

Built-in CATI

We also have our own built-in CATI that can aid predictive and preview dial campaigns that do not require the full function of a CATI.

Our CATI allows you to load up sample stored in .csv style documents such as Microsoft Excel.

What’s more, this works directly with the CATI interviewer section, allowing the interviewer to work with the sample loaded.

3rd party CATI

However, we also work with multiple different CATI systems due to our open API’s. We able to support systems such as ConfirmIT, NIPO, Quancept, Unicom and many others.

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