INVADE develops, sells and supports diallers for use with CATI systems in the worldwide market research industry.

That’s it, it’s all we do, and our clients say that we are very, very, good at it.

It’s often quoted that it takes 10,000 hours of experience to make an expert (around 7 years in working hours). That being the case, when you partner INVADE you are working with real experts in predictive auto dialler technology for CATI systems. We speak your language, understand your business and really want to tangibly improve your CATI performance. Why? Well, the more profitable our clients are, it seems the more auto dialler technology they buy from us… Something of a virtuous circle, and one which we are delighted to propagate.

Founded in 1997, INVADE is based in Bristol UK and has representatives in Hong Kong, Australia, China and the US. It partners the markets preferred CATI providers and enjoys strong links with all its key technology suppliers. The business is built on solid foundations and the last two decades have witnessed steady growth and expansion of both the client base and global footprint as INVADE has been selected as the preferred supplier to several World Wide Global Market Research organizations.

We operate globally and have installations in all continents, ranging from 7 seats to 1000’s of seats so it is likely that there is an installation near you. Why not ask us, and them, how we have helped improve the profitability of their CATI operation, and why they chose to work with InVADE?

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