InVADE supports four of the major CATI platforms NIPO, SPSS-Quancept, IBM DC and ConfirmIT and has been designed so it can use all CATI platforms at the same time on a single dialler. In addition each CATI server can connect to multiple Diallers at the same time.

The InVADE Dialler is powered by the Asterisk Open Source Telephony Platform for the telephony layer. This approach allows great flexibility and scalability at an incredibly economical price. From a single Dialler the solution can scale from 20 users to 1000’s of users through the use of multiple Asterisk servers. Asterisk has inherent support for VoIP so the hardware investment is minimal as no specialist hardware is required, only a standard server. Of course for those implementations requiring traditional telephony interfaces a full range of supported interfaces are available.

We have highlighted three common deployments (as seen in the “How do I” section of the website) below:

Use home workers with the dialler
Use a centralised CATI server
Use a remote site